The Web 30drecords.com is owned by Joan Reyes Carmona established in Calle Aribau 46, 2º 1ª, 08023 Barcelona, ​​Spain, with CIF 44006471-D. The email from our Customer Service is contact@30drecords.com, where you can run at any time and we will be available to assist you ASAP.


The General Terms and Conditions from 30DROP described below define the rights and obligations under their website 30drecords.com and in commercial transactions between 30drecords.com and its users.
Browsing this website and the use of e-commerce services offered implies acceptance of each of the conditions.


In 30DROP we do our best to give an accurate description of the products, based on information provided by the musical label or the authors. Still, the visual information (images) or written data included in each product have an informative and guiding role, so 30DROP is not responsible of errors in the information.

If exceptionally is given de circumstance that the user makes the decision of buying a product based on some of the misinformation he may cancel the purchase without any charge.

Every customer has a right of withdrawal within 14 working days caused by the non-conformity of the products sold with its product data sheet or the incorrectness of the information contained in this.

We reserve the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions. Any new version of it will be previously indicated.

In the case that any of the terms of the General Conditions is declared illegal or unenforceable by a court decision, the other provisions will remain in force.


All the contents included in the website 30drecords.com, such as text, audiovisual content, source code, design, logos, brands, and others are owned by 30DROP or we have obtained the consent of the owner and are covered by the regulations of intellectual property.

The use and browsing through our website doesn’t imply an authorization or license of any type on any contents, and therefore is prohibited to make use of them by exploiting, reproducing, transforming, distributing, etc. in any form without prior consent.

For more information see the section “Privacy Policy“.


The 30drecords.com website is protected by security systems and compliance measures with all legal requirements for the security of systems and data stored therein.

30DROP doesn’t have access to confidential data concerning the payment method. The personal data are protected properly stored in accordance with the regulations.

Specifically 30drecords.com meets all the principles and obligations established in Act 15/1999 of 13 December on protection of personal data and Royal Decree 1720/2007. It is obliged to keep the confidentiality of personal information that users provide through the registration on our website.

For more information see the section “Privacy Policy“.


Customers can make their orders through the Internet on our website 30drecords.com. Customers must ensure and are solely responsible to enjoy the legal capacity to enter into contracts relating to the types of goods and services offered on this website. Only fully capable people may place orders.

At the moment the customer clicks the “Buy/Proceed” button on placing an order, fully and without reservation agrees all the content of these General Terms and Conditions and can print a copy.

The data are archived by 30drecords.com as a proof of all transactions between 30drecords.com and their customers. 30DROP will confirm the customer, within a maximum of 24 hours that order has been registered.

The contractual information will be provided to customers prior to the receipt of the products purchased. Such information may be extracted and stored by customers. Contractual information is presented in Spanish.


In case any supplier report to 30DROP that the selected product is not available when the orders has already been placed and before the end of the shipping process, the customer will be informed of that fact by e-mail or telephone about the partial shipment or cancellation of the order.

If the charge into the account has already been made at the time of giving the information regarding the unavailability of the product, there will be a procedure for refund of the entire amount of the order or the part that corresponds to the product, along with shipping costs that apply in the bank account indicated by the customer to this effect and the process will be informed to the customer by email. 30DROP refunds the amounts within a maximum of 7 working days from the notice to the customer. Under no circumstances this creates any right for the customer (compensation, discounts, etc.) for that purpose.


The prices of the products offered on the website are indicated including tax and excluding participation in the costs of preparation and delivery. Participation in the costs of preparing and shipping also means all taxes included.

30DROP reserves the right to change prices at any time; however, the products are invoiced on the basis of the current rates at the time of registration of orders.

The products remain the property until full payment 30drop price takes place.

The customer has the possibility to cancel an order for the next two days after making the purchase: sending an email to our “Customer Service” or at the “Contact” section.

30drop reserves the right to refuse any order for reasons under the law.


Payment for purchases is made through a payment card or PayPal. Payment cards accepted are: Paypal and credit cards authorized by this system. In case of payment by credit card, we’ll send a request to your bank; the amount will not be debited from your account until it is authorized by your bank. The term debit depends on the rules applied to your payment (immediate debit, delayed, etc.). If paying by PayPal, the purchase amount will be charged on your PayPal account immediately. In the case of a rejection from the bank, the order will be automatically canceled and the costumer will be informed by email.

According to the current legislation about confidentiality and security of personal data 30DROP will not keep personal information about bank details.

It will be available to download and print the bank transfer as a receipt of the payment and it is the customer’s sole responsibility to save and print it if they wish to maintain the bank details.

If there is an improper charge to a customer, without having been verified by 30DROP the identification of the bank card and without there being bad faith by the customer, in which case he should compensate economically the damage caused to 30DROP, the same may require the immediate cancellation of the charge by sending an email and must immediately reinstated the corresponding amount within 7 days if used a debit card or PayPal and, before the end of the relevant month, if used a credit card.



The products will be sent to the shipping address indicated by the costumer in the ordering process. Deliveries are reported to the costumer by email. In order to optimize the delivery, we thank the costumer to indicate a direction in which the order can be delivered within the normal working hours.

After issuing the order, an invoice will be sent in which shall be indicated transport costs separately and VAT.


The delivery time is set at 15 days in the Peninsula and Balearic Islands, 20 days for Europe and the Canary Islands, and 30 days for the rest, unless more accurate delivery times are provided at the time of the submission of freight. Information available at “My orders”.

Delivery times are average times corresponding to the delivery by the supplier and preparation and submission. These deadlines also vary depending on the destination and do not include holidays or weekends.

In the case of expiration of these periods, the customer may cancel the order in the manner provided in this General Conditions.

If this delay is caused by force majeure, while the product is in the process of logistics, customer will be informed of this circumstance, and that, in this case, the costs arising from a possible cancellation request at its own expense.

Every delivery is considered completed from the moment in which the carrier makes the product available to the customer, which is achieved through the control system used by the transport company.


It is solely for the recipient to verify shipments on arrival, express comments and submit all claims as it deems necessary, may even refuse the package, if the latter is likely to have been opened or shows clear signs of deterioration. These comments or complaints should be made to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 3 working days of the delivery of the products, with a copy sent immediately after 30DROP.

If the goods delivered do not conform in character or quality regarding those acquired in the website and indicated in the email delivery of the order, the customer must submit their claims within 10 days limit to delivery addressing the “Customer Service”.


If within 10 days after sending the packet, the customer is not aware of the order, the customer must contact 30DROP through our Customer Service: indicating that you have not received your order although it has received the e-mail that confirms the output of this one of our stores.

The Customer Service will conduct an investigation and inform the customer by email.


For all products sold, the customer can return the product within 14 days starting from the date of receipt of the product by the customer.

Before any return, the customer must indicate the intention to return a product, using the Customer Service, so to get the order back and the address where it should be returned.

Once the customer has received the return address, must send a packet with:

– Items in their original packaging.

– The return order, inside the package.

– The document with the return address.

This right of withdrawal may be exercised if ever shipped products have been put to use. Products must be returned properly protected in original packaging, in perfect condition for resale (no damage cracks or dirty). Nor can accept packages that do not include an element that identifies the sender (order number, surname, name, address).

Once the package has been received and it has been ascertained that the goods are returned in perfect condition, will be the procedure of refund for the amounts for returned products. Customer will be informed of this procedure by email. Such proceedings shall be the refund of the amount paid by the bank account or PayPal account used to pay the order as soon as possible. In this sense, the amounts will be refunded not later than 10 business days.

Given that the repayment in euros by rotation shall be for a maximum amount equal to that paid by credit card or PayPal.

Refunds will be made by the contractor, at the address determined at the time of notice of the intention to return by the customer.

The costs and risks associated with returning will be assumed by the sender. Any refund that is not paid at the time of shipment by the customer will not be accepted.

In the case of defective or not conforming products according to the request made by the customer, the return postage will be paid by 30DROP thanks to the return label we will send you.

The right of withdrawal is exercised equally from the time the order is placed and even before delivery. In this case, the repayment in the customer’s bank is made within 30 days from the exercise of that right.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised between the departure of the products in the stores and the date of delivery of the order, the return postage will be paid by the customer.


Since 30DROP acts as a representative of professional suppliers to ensure that the products offered for sale on the website 30drecords.com no defects, the contractual warranty offered is granted by the supplier. The warranty does not cover damaged during transport or improper use products. The provisions of this Article shall not affect the legal guarantee for hidden defects when the product is sold to a consumer or to a non- professional client. For any questions or requests for information, customers can contact the Customer Service through “Contact”.


30drecords.com contents are for informational purposes so that 30DROP cannot be held liable for damages for improper use of products marketed.

The responsibility of 30DROP be limited, in any case, at the amount of the order and will not be compromised by simple errors or omissions that have taken place, when they have taken all necessary precautions in the presentation of products.

30DROP cannot be held liable for indirect damage, operating losses or lost profits occurred by any means.

Subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the responsibility for 30DROP under these General Conditions shall not exceed an amount equal to amounts paid or payable after the transaction is at the origin of that responsibility, whatever it is the cause or form of the action in question.

30DROP cannot be held liable for breach of the contract concluded in case of shortage of stock or product unavailability, force majeure, interruption of activity or total or partial strike, particularly postal services and transport or communications, flood or fire.

In case of dispute, the customer may be directed, first, to 30DROP to reach an amicable settlement. Failing that, the courts of the place of residence of the customer shall have exclusive jurisdiction, regardless of delivery locations and modes of payment accepted.

These General Conditions in English will be implemented and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation, legislation to which the parties expressly submit.

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