NEW RELEASE! EXOPLANETS 012 Jiman - Human Program €rror EP

We are releasing new music. This is time for Jiman and his great EP ‘Human Program €rror

Jiman’s approach to techno goes much further than trying to systematically produce peak-time tracks. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate and enjoy his next release on 30D Records in our ExoPlanets sublabel: Human Program €rror EP.

There is no formula behind the tracks and they can’t be copied or emulated: exploring and redefining the link between Dub and Techno is one of the main assets of Jiman’s studio work. By experimenting with the darkest moods and emphasizing the complexity of sound textures and dub grooves, Jiman creates depth, intense atmospheres. Human Program €rror leads to a state of mind difficult to reach and it is so shocking that it will be hard to leave: make it last as long as you want. 

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