NEW RELEASE! EXOPLANETS 010: Evod - Sonde Spaziali EP

Release number 10 in our sub-label “ExoPlanets” is here! We are glad to celebrate it with a new artist in our label, Evod.

Release description:

Uncertainty, excitement, expectations and hope define pretty well what’s behind the launchment of a space mission. Everything has been calculated, measured and prepared, but reality is always unpredictable, so results and success are never guaranteed. Experience and intuition may help in order to reach the desired planet’s orbit. Italian artist Alessandro Russo, known as Evod, has used both to deliver Sonde Spaziali EP, the new release on Exoplanets’ 30D Sublabel, a tribute to four different spatial projects that have taken place in the last decades from different parts of the world.

Techno has been, almost since its inception, an excellent soundtrack for spatial exploration, as experimenting and having no boundaries in creation are key to start the trip. In Sonde Spaziali, Evod, fully aware of techno’s potential, recreates all the complex emotions kept into the challenge of reaching space, being able to bring us back to Earth to share and spread the discoveries, fully dancefloor compatible. Welcome on board.

Click in the image below to access to the release:

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