New Release coming! Kastil: Hard Standing EP [30DEXO-008]

At 30D we keep on thinking that quality underground techno is the most forward thinking style of electronic music and the one that continues moving towards new forms and sounds.

Some producers work in this direction and achieve exceptional results thanks to their talent and intense work in the studio. This is the case of Kastil, currently one of our favorite artists and whom we are happy to present his first solo EP for our label.

‘Hard Standing’ is a 4-track EP that conforms a compact and identifiable pack of tracks created by layers and polyrhythms masterfully assembled, building a wall of sound that evolves dynamically and relentlessly during the development of each track.

Industrial and hypnotic grooves that helps to define the future of techno, currently being conceptualized. We are sure that Kastil is undoubtedly one of the leading names for the next techno age with superb works such as this ‘Hard Standing EP’. This will be released in our most international sub-label: ‘30D | ExoPlanets’. 




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