New Release! Close Encounters 004 VA – Fourth Contact EP

Here is the fourth episode of our most SciFi series: Close Encounters. It will be out next 29 May 2020.

This time the encounter is between 4 artists who contribute to it with hypnotic, textural and deliciously repetitive tracks. Always with a futuristic discourse and under an ‘Orwellian’ concept that today more than ever is tangible in our society.

Modular synthesis sound in tracks such as those of Pedro Pina or Kalter Ende are complemented and combined with Irazu’s percussive poly-rhythms and the synthetic minimalism of the Omnia Vox sequences.


– Electronica & Roll:

– Clubbingspain:


– Irazu ‘Telling Us Not’:

– HATE Collective full EP videos premiere:

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