30drop Track Review at Mixmag

30drop’s first EP ‘Vacuum Geometry EP’ described as ‘enchanting’ by MIXMAG in October 2014 techno feature. Here is their review of the track ‘The Journey’ in written form:

More space-age techno indebted to Detroit, 30drop explores the deepest corners of the universe (and his mind) with this enchanting EP, out on his seld-titled label. We like the whole thing: there’s a little bit of everything, all quite galactic and otherworldly yet dancefloor-friendly and enjoyable throughout. ‘The Journey’ is one of those tracks you can imagine coming together during a long studio session, the grumbling analogue snarls lurking in the background a great foundation for the rest of the track. Tough beats, an ever-increasing sense of urgency and high pitched chirps echo around and give the track a cavernous atmosphere. It’s techno designed to tantalise the senses, and it’s not half bad. 

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