Evod: Mezzo Interstellare EP Out July 22nd 22

Italian producer Evod returns to 30D ExoPlanets for his second outing on the label. Known for the deep tripping techno that he puts out mostly via his own Evod Music you know it’s special when he steps out of his comfort zone and presents new works via another outlet.

Here he lands on 30D Records, after a first release with them in 2021, it’s a welcome return. Presenting an exciting pack of deep techno, starting of with mesmerizing ‘Molecole’, a true piece of intergalactic space techno. More energy gets unleashed in the fierce ‘Campi Magneti’ with its clapping drive and pulsating kick drums. For the latter part of the EP Evod dives deep into the dub territories for ‘Ioni’ and the wonderful atmospheric drifter ‘Atomi’ as a closer. Evod shows his many sides just in four tracks and it’s another confirmation that he’s on the forefront of an exciting wave in modern techno.

Click on the image for full info, listening and purchase:

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