Electric Indigo DJ Mixtape Out next 13 September

Electric Indigo lands on our label with a special DJ Mix in which she shows her vision of experimental,

underground and club electronic music as well as her skills as a DJ.

A gem that we are releasing in limited edition tape format and that is already an indispensable piece for collectors and lovers of contemporary art.

Release Date: 13/09/2019

60’ Translucid Indigo Tape (30’ per side)

Limited edition to 25 numbered copies

Click in the image below to see all the info about it:













Tracklist and links to the label’s Bandcamps.

Support the labels & artists and buy their music please!


01. Electric Indigo – Ferrum [Unreleased]

02. Fennesz – In My Room [Touch 115]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k54NnU

03. Chra – Luminiscent [Editions MEGO 208]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2lA0YHL

04. SØS Gunver Ryberg – Silver Thread [Avian 037]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2koTSWv

05. Spear – Repetition is Variation [Hara 01]. Support the label:

06. Ancestral Voices – Shani [Horo EX24]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k0mdlw

07. XGLARE – Ganglia [Blueberry 015]. Support tle label: https://bit.ly/2koTFTd

08. GIL – Swallow Ash [Danse Noire 015]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k46C4r

09. SØS Gunver Ryberg – Spacelike Orphan [Avian 037]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k2FJOk

10. Faugust – Breach [Our Circular Sound 013]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2lJxqr5

11. Denise Rabe – Drop It / Belief Defect Remix [Rabe 004]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2m59sa8

12. Toma Kami – Negative Extasy [Livity Sound 035]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k9OpCM

13. Sonae – Majority Vote / Electric Indigo Remix [Monika enterprise 92]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2lA1y8p

14. SØS Gunver Ryberg – Palacelike Timescale of Black [Avian 037]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k8dFt2

15. Cop Envy – Low Air [Hypercolour 078]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2lH8P6A

16. Substance – Distance [Ostgut Ton 115]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2m65gqH

17. Ancestral Voices – Brihaspati [Horo EX24]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2k2GaYY

18. Fennesz – We Trigger the Sun [Touch 115]. Support the label: https://bit.ly/2m0nGsI









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