Close Encounters Series 1st Release!

30drop Records presents the first release of Close Encounters, the newest and the final concurrent serie of the label. 

In every release we will have four tracks, four artists and one common goal: The proposal is based on feasible, or better said, future encounters with extraterrestial beings or civilizations from outer space. The idea behind the whole work is to construct a conceptually and musically self-sufficient bundle of tracks developed by several producers.

30drop - Close Encounters


DJ Surgeles, Jeroen Search, 30drop itself and another label’s member, ORYX 9, are the manufacturers of this first chapter. 

DJ Surgeles has a solid career as DJ and producer with, for instance, his releases on Something In The Sky, the captivating and exquisite label of Jeff Mills. Jeroen Search is another well known talented producer with a large discography behind him that opens the EP with a steadfast cosmic shot, “Aeon”. “Umbra”, a spacey on a firm body track by DJ Surgeles, takes over from. On the B side, 30drop drops us to a “Lunar Mission” launched directly from the dance floor and, finally, ORYX 9 invites us to a psychedelic floating experience on a distant galaxy “Black Market”. 

First Contact EP is a massive set of Sci-Fi Techno cuts that you should not miss it!






Luke Slater: Great!

Dave Clarke: great mix

Rolando: ‘Lunar Mission’ is Dope!!!

Anthony Parasole: this is dope as fuck!

Christian Wunsch: Great Ep!! Thanx!!

Roman Lindau: GREAT REAL TECHNO V/A COMPI – 30drop ‘Lunar Mission’ is my fav here. reminds me on AXIS stuff

Freddy K: Always good 30drop and Jeroen Search my favorite here !! I will play the vinyl for sure.

Nihad Tule / SLOBODA: all good here! thanks

Ben Sims: sweet ep, big thx!!

Lenny Posso aka Serif / Thema, Chronicle: Very nice package of tracks.

Cio D’Or: All tracks are great & bleep!

Philippe Petit: Cool diverse release

Dicrete CIrcuit / Astray: Great trippy compilation!

Marcel Dettmann: thx

BNJMN: really nice package here, thanks

Rødhåd: downloading. thanks

Dj Fra / Nitsa Club, Kompakt,  Primavera Sound: Top stuff!!

DJ Pete: great bleep techno

Leghau: Very nice V.A, really feel Dj Surgeles track, thanks.

Isolated Lines: Thanks a lot for the promo. For what I can hear on this free low speed wifi i’m on at the moment, it sounds stellar! Will try to download and play

Thomas Hessler: Nice one! Thank you!

Serena Butler: ‘Lunar Mission’ for me here, swooosh!

Stephanie Sykes: Support all tracks!

Marcelus: very nice cuts over here! big

Invite: Like the ep! Thanks!

Mental Resonance : quality compilation, found it good music here Jeroen search track for me but the whole EP is very playable, Thanks !

Dj Bruce Lee / Discos Paradiso Crew: Cosmic Techno at its best.

Kwartz: B side for me, thanks!

Kristian / Ame: thanks

Stuart McMillan / Slam: Thanks

Cari Lekebusch: Great stuff all tracks yay! Thank you!

Kr!z: really nice. especially like the a-side tracks here. thx

Jeff Rushin: Cool stuff!

Angel Molina: Essential release for the sci-fi techno lovers, like me. Thanks a lot!!!

DJ Deep: nice release

Louk: Like all 4!!!  Search wins for me though

Dustin Zahn: Oryx 9 is hitting the right spot for me on this EP. thank you

Donor: Enjoying the A side tracks on here.

Anika Kunst: Dope

Distant Echoes: nice ep, dj surgeles is my fav. thanks

Keith Carnal: Oryx 9 is nice!! 30Drop track also very cool!

Mr. Jones: Like the groove in the 30drop ‘Lunar Mission’

Gary Beck: cracking aeon track! thx

Irakli | I/Y: ‘Lunar Mission’ is great!!!

Orde Meikle: great tracks – thanx

Daniel Avery: Great

Shlømo: Dj surgeles!

Matrixxman: FUCK YES

Kristina: Great ep! ‘Lunar Mission’ my favorite.Thanks

Bas Mooy: Thanks


Samuli Kemppi: Great release! Will play for sure. Thanks.

Kyle Geiger: DJ Surgeles’ track is nice!

Marcel Fengler: Dope release! Will play! Thank you!

Jonas Kopp: Great stuff, thanks


Pacou / Tresor: good stuff

Shifted: thanks

Leandro Gámez: Loving the whole EP. No exceptions!. Thanks.

Echoplex: quality as usual. Support as well

Ryuji Takeuchi: A2 for me, nice strong functional stuff.

Submerge: Thank you, very cool hypnotic release.

IORI: Very nice V.A

Ø [Phase]: Thanks !

Z.I.P.P.O: thanks!

Tensal: Surgeles track fav here,thx!

Truncate: Solid tunes thanks!

Exium / Kessell: Good stuff, thanks.

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