New Release: Close Encounters 002 Out next 18 January 2019

The second release of our series Close Encounters is here!

4 tracks from 4 new artists on the label. Click on the image below to discover it:


DJs Feedbacks:

Ame: Thanks.

Amotik: Kastil track is cool! Aether is nice too, thank you.

Angel Molina: I’ve been playing this for months, all my support to the release. Especially feeling Jheal (a true killer) and MSDMNR tracks. Thanks!

Antigone: MSDMNR and Kastil.

Antonio De Angelis: Thank you!

Arnaud Le Texier: Kastil for me, thanks.

Astronomical Telegram: B side sounds great! Thanks, will play.

AWB: Sounds really cool, merci.

Bas Mooy: Kastil for me, thanks!

Boris: Support.

Chris Liebing: Thanks!

Dave Miller / Abstract Division: MSDMNR for me, thanks!

Dax J: Thanks!

Dimi Angelis: I like Kastil’s and Pedro Pina’s tracks.

Electric Indigo: A2 is nice, thanks!

Goldffinch: Will play, thanks.

HD Substance: Diverse approaches on techno from weird to cosmic all in a suitable pack.

Henning Baer: Modal Interplay for me!

Hrdvsion: Nice one!

Irakli | I/Y: Very interesting tracks, will try them on the floor.

Isolated Lines: Excellent record, thanks!

Jeroen Search: Very cool stuff!

Juho Kusti: Thanks!

Killawatt: Trippy as fuck, dope!

Kirk Degiorgio : Killer EP!

Kr!z: All great here, but my favs are b1 & b2.

Kwartz: I really like the whole EP, thanks!

Lag: Kastil for me, thank you!

Len Faki: Jheal track is great! The Pedro Ina track is with me too, love the structures and flow.

Marco Bailey: Thanks.

Mental Resonance: Kastil track is awesome thanks for sending, I will play for sure!

Orde Meikle / Slam: Thanks.

Radio Slave: Thanks for the promo, gonna check.

Reflec: Cheers!

Robert Lamart: Full support!! Thank you!

Ryuji Takeuchi: Kastil track for me, support.

Sam Paganini : Nice! Downloading, thanks.

Sigha: Lovely psychedelia here, particularly into the Kastil track. Many thanks!

SNTS : Thanks.

Speedy J: Thanks, will test.

Stephanie Sykes: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Stuart McMillan / Slam : Thanks.

Svreca / Semantica: Pedro Pina and Kastil tracks for me, support.

Truncate: Phat, thanks!

UBX127: Great release, thanks for sharing!

Zadig: Banger!! 4/4, thanks.

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