Angel Molina Dj Mix for Paralelo 3 Radio Show

Angel Molina recorded a special 30 minutes DJ mix for Paralelo3, the Carles Novellas radios show at Radio3.

You can listen to it and download it here:


Nathan Moody – Geschluckt (Modularfield)
JX-216 – Maw (Hxagrm Records)
Voice Of Sylenth – Vulv (Paerer Records)
Blazej Malinowski – Entity (Semantica Records)
Fareed – Cryptic Eyesight (Maze Records)
Rzeng – Triangle (Camcussion Remix) (Detroit Underground)
Dyspal – Broken Lullaby (Skryptöm Records)
Hadone – Optical Glasses (Taapion Records)
Untitled Signal – IP107 (Paerer Records)
Wlderz – Oreela (Skryptöm Records)


Paralelo3 links:





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