'INSERT' AV Project by 30drop & Stephen McLaughlin

‘INSERT’ is AV Project created for ‘OTHES SKIES an Exoplanetary Festival’.
30drop will participate in this exhibition with an audiovisual project created together with visual artist Stephen McLaughlin. 30drop will be providing the sound part of the piece, more specifically the track ‘Insert’, which was released last September 2020 in my ‘Soroban‘ LP on Jeff Mills‘ label: Axis Records.

The video takes inspiration from the theory of Panspermia, that life can be transmitted between planets as primordial molecules or elementary particles, and perhaps culture and language could develop in similar ways. This terrain is explored through a stark visual language mixing generative technique and minimal design.

The AV piece is available too in the virtual art exhibition ‘Exoplanetary Dust’ related to ‘OTHES SKIES an Exoplanetary Festival’. The exhibition is open to the public for next year. You can access through the following link and enjoy the virtual experience: https://newart.city/show/other-skies



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