30drop splits artist’s label from new 30D Records brand

30drop splits artist’s label from new 30D Records brand to expand underground electronic music


– Angel Molina joins the label as A&R

– 30drop will remain as artist label and 30D Records will work independently to bring new range of electronic music styles


Barcelona, 6th April, 2018.- Electronic music label 30D takes a new strategic approach and restructures its project. In April 2018 the label will be rebranded as 30D Records, and 30drop will be entirely kept as artist/project name. Thus the label will expand its underground electronic music styles and will work independently from 30drop artist.

Worldwide acclaimed DJ Angel Molina joins the label in this new strategic phase as Artistic Advisor for 30D. As A&R, Angel Molina will be responsible for the sub-label “Eyes Have It”, devoted to the most industrious and dark sounds. –

For the occasion the label will launch new image and logo as well as new website www.30drecords.com. With these changes 30D Records sub-labels will be structured as follows:

30dropWhere the music of the 30drop project itself is produced. The influences defining 30drop are blended in this series into an experimental electronic synths lines ensemble. In addition to the 30drop project, other guest artists express their vision of the enigmatic producer’s work as remixes or collaborative tracks.

ExoPlanets: An Exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star other than our Sun, so it belongs to another solar system. This is how the ExoPlanets Series was born: several renowned guest producers offer their vision of the Universe and the Future, reflecting on the existential doubts that define the human condition.

Close EncountersClose Encounters brings various producers together under a single musical concept. Released as EPs with one track per artist, aims to recreate the feelings and interactions of a probable encounter between beings from different planets.

Eyes Have it: Sub-label dedicated to the more industrious and experimental dark sounds where worldwide artists are released.

MixesThe tunes in this series are DJ mixes and Livesets by artists from around the world, in a limited edition cassette format. Pieces for collectors and music-lovers that can also be listened to, and some of them downloaded for free in digital format from this website.


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