30drop: 2nd release for SUB tl Records

It’s time for a new 30drop’s release for SUB tl Records, the label of the Techno Spanish masters: HD Substance and Leandro Gámez.

  • Release date: 28th August 2017

  • Title: Bjarki Robotów EP

  • Distributed by: Triple Vision

  • To listen to it and to buy it CLICK HERE

SUB tl description about the release:

We receive at home again our spaceman 30drop after a long journey in hyperspace discovering new worlds, since the first release here he has put out an awesome album in his own label, extending his catalogue and cooperating with artists like Architectural, Substance, The Black Dog or Rivet to name but a few.
This EP comprises four cuts of Scifi infected techno, hard but but clever, with heavy roots in the past but always with a futuristic approach.
First cut is Himmelstreppe, abstract and distorted synth lines, sharp 909 drums, and obsessive orchestral samples reminding the old rave days and old Underground Resistance records. Five minutes that run fast due to the clever arrangement.
Transcending Time starts with an ambient introduction, liquid and reverberated, while the main sequence appears from below and the 909 drummer begins his job, the elements show up progressively until everything is set up to ignition. The perfect soundtrack for a space travel.
Hyperboloid leaves any melody aside, and focuses on percussive workout and synthetic drums, the sound of an alien attack only interrupted by the glorious string break.
Who is not serves as an outro, like the spaceship landing after a tour of duty in the unknown galaxies.

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