30drop: 1st Release For SUB tl Records

Leandro Gámez and HD Substance are the electronic music artists behind the label SUB tl.

They have invited 30drop to have a release on their label.

Release date: 15th November 2015

Title: Future Through Presents EP

SUB tl description about the release:

Our number eight release comes straight from outer space, 30drop send us this audio data from his hidden place outside earth. Four tracks of cosmic but punchy techno, starting with Scape Velocity, hi tempos, stabs and pulsating synths, a sountrack for scaping reality at lightspeed.
Following there is Language, drones and noise to begin, resonant drums and 909 hats until the fat kick appears …alien darkness.
Cosmic Rangers bring us again to unknown territories, synth sweeps and 909 toms in the beginning, concrete beats and bell like Fm sequences.
Holographic life closes the release, synth bassline …not rumble, hi frequency noises, subtle 808 drums and crazy sequences all interleaved wisely.


Here Videos and Audio is streaming:

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