30drop meets Arpanet 30D-006 - Phases EP


An astronomical conjunction has cropped up. Arpanet is back after a long interstellar hibernation and 30drecords.comes up with its particular vision of the abstract Elektro for the very first time.

“Phases EP” takes the primal Warp’s heritage blending hypnotic melodies with rhythmically complex patterns. Arpanet, which keeps the exquisiteness of its previous works for Rephlex, among other labels, gazes into the black profoundness of its own and unique universe. 30drop’s two cuts, ostensibly touched by the Aphex Twin spirit, are a spellbinding exercise of style.

“Phases EP” is experimental, atmospheric, rhythmic and, above all, flawless. This enthralling EP is presented in electric blue vinyl. A special shape for a very special alliance.

Release date: 25 June 2018.

To pre-order vinyls: https://www.readymadedistribution.com/?product=arpanet-30drop-meets-arpanet-phases-ep-30d-006-12

Listen here the audio snippets:

On the Press:

– Videoclips premieres via HATE: https://goo.gl/UGE57i

– Resident Advisor Review: https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/22745

– Resident Advisor Track Premiere: https://www.residentadvisor.net/tracks/912233

– Self Titled Track Premiere: http://www.self-titledmag.com/2018/06/22/premiere-arpanet-supernova-remnant/

– Phonographe Corp Track Premiere: https://www.phonographecorp.com/stream/premieres/30drop-halo-in-the-glass-2/

– Resident Advisor News: https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=41850

– ClubbingSpain News: https://www.clubbingspain.com/noticias/2018/arpanet-vuelve-en-30drop.html


– Marcel Dettmann: “Thanks.”

– François X: “Dope.”

– Kristian / Ame: “Thanks.”

– Brendon Moeller / Echologist: “Solid tunes!”

– Chris Liebing: “Thanks!”

– AnD: “Always nice to hear new Arpanet material!”

– Umwelt: “Superbe!!!”

– Eomac: “Lovely stuff all round.”

– Lena Willikens: “Thank you!!”

– Cassegrain: “Great to hear some new Arpanet. Really like Main Sequence Star and 30drop’s Halo In the Glass, thanks!”

– Electric Indigo: Main Sequence Star is sweet, thanks!”

– Marcelus: “That’s dope.”

– Rob Hall: “Nice arpanets.”

– Positive Centre: “Love this, thank you.”

– Jeroen Search: “Very very cool!”

– Evigt Mörker: “Great futuristic stuff, thank you.”

– Marco Bailey: “Many thanks!”

– Kr!z: “Love the 30drop tracks, quality.”

– Stuart McMillan / Slam : “Thanks.”

– Orde Meikle / Slam: “Thanks.”

– Svreca : “Thanks!!!”

– Ontal: “Thank you!”

– Echoplex: “Nice one, support.”

– Patrik Skoog: “Yes!!!”

– P.E.A.R.L.: “Fantastic release, thanks!”

– Kwartz: “Amazing release, thanks!”

– Arnaud Le Texier : “Nice one, thanks.”

– Juho Kusti: “What a brilliant idea to bring in Arpanet. Love it, thanks!”

– Lag: “Loving it all, especially B1!”

– UBX127: “Outstanding release!”

– Leghau: “Superb release, really like B2, thanks.”

– Ritzi Lee: “Thanks!”

– Ryuji Takeuchi: “A side for me. Nice abstract stuff.”

– Mental Resonance: “Awesome record guys. Thanks !

– Drafted: “Impressive, absolutely genial.”

– Alienata: “Awesome.”

– Brando Lupi: “Nice EP. Fav track Disharmonic Gait, thank you.”

– Under Black Helmet: “Awesome release, thank you!”

– Volte-Face: “Arpanet!!”

– Carl Craig: “Downloading, thanks!”

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