30drop new release 'Likvidatori EP' on Hayes Label

30drop to release ‘Likvidatori EP’ on the Portuguese label Hayes on 31st January 2020.

30drop’s debut on Hayes shows up as an intense and epic journey with glimpses of psychedelia and a clever and well crafted sound architecture. Likvidatori EP induces the listener into a mental state purposed by elegant and hypnotic clean cuts with a clear sci-fi allusion with 30Drop’s characteristic sound and work ethos explicit on this EP.

Here we can find a balanced blend between Detroit’s finest and Europe’s darkest corners synthesised into a minimalistic and raw sound venture.




– 6AM Mag (Los Angeles) premieres the track ‘Calculating Tools’: https://bit.ly/2TxC5LB

– Xceed (Spain) premieres the track ‘Maths’: https://bit.ly/37UdLZ2

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