30drop DJ MIX for Reclaim Your City Podcast

30drop recorded a DJ mix for Reclaim Your City Podcast:




1. Alina Kalancea: Fears (STR013)

2. Sleeparchive: Sleepless Five (NV01)

3. Robotron: Wismut (R-N69)

4. Efdemin: Temple (OSTGUTLP31)

5. Jiman: 1,4 Frequencies (PA001)

6. Reeko: El Libro Secreto de Gala (AVN032)

7. Oake: Tiharire (47019)


9. Kastil & i Real: Black Birds All Over (ST184)

10. Stanislav Tolkachev: Blue Mood (AFTER002)

11. Korridor: Integration (NE54)

12. JoeFarr: Standard Issue (LSR014)

13. Von Gral: WLM (HOROEX26)

14. Kalter Ende: Prototype-V (CM-LTD003)

15. MDD: Grind (HANDS262)

16. Modvek: Unknown Facts 01 (MODVEK006)

17. Oni Ayhun: A (OAR003)

18. Setaoc Mass: Replacing The Mask (SK11007)

19. Untitled Signal: IP107 (PA001)

20. Psyk: Organic (RYCL010)

21. Oisel: Eliosfera (ASR011)

22. Pris: Breathing Space (ENVRA001)

23. 30drop: Hyperboloid (SUBTL025)

24. Planetary Assault Systems: Give It Up (MOTE055)

25. JXTPS: Analogue Resistance (TMM240)

26. TZ: Project Strah (TMM240)

27. Karenn: Pace Yourself (TOKEN48LP)

28. Inigo Kennedy: Tone Poem (TOKEN89)

29. 65D Mavericks: The Search (BP022)

30. Eyvind Blix: Tesla (SEMANTICA-111.1)

31. Jeff Mills: The Visitor (XECD-1122)

32. WIRE: Swirl (MORD-013)

33. Latmos: Momentum Shift (BLD001)

34. Terrence Dixon: Vertical Hold (30DEXO-006) – To Be Released Late Spring 2019

35. Alexander Kowalski: The Path (DMB009)

36. Surgeon: Earth Sinking into Water (DTRLP4)

37. PEARL: Sorrow / CUB Remix (FEX015)

38. Yujo Kondo: Hades (ARB004)

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