30drop DJ MIX for Paradox Podcast

30drop recorded a DJ Mix for the Parador Project Podcast:


30drop: Surrender – TOKEN87
Roll Porter: Known Space – TRIANGLE33
Electric Indigo: Settanta – OVQVA002
Sterac: Scheepsrecht – KW12
Jeff Mills: Jones – PM024
Rhyw: Vertisol – ARCS06
Yogg & Pharaoh: Maurice – PRLX08
Anthony Linell: Vision of The Imminence – NE56
Kwartz: Reload – CRG014
Geistform: Pulso y Frecuencia – 30DCE004 [To Be Released Late 2019]
Psyk: Voiceprint – NON030
Kastil: Modal Interplay – 30DCE002 [Release Date: 18/01/19]
Dasha Rush: Infinite Warp – PRTL002
OVR: The World Remade – LINOVR1
Pacou: Inbox – PROPAGANDAM004
Oscar Mulero: Wandering Nowhere – POLOEGROUP054
No Spiritual Surrender: XXX – CBR014
Phara: FM – PRRUKBLK026
Regis: A Necklace Of Bites – DNRECD2
MSDMNR: Let You Disappear – 30DCE002 [Release Date: 18/01/19]
Population One: Rush Hour / 20th Anniversary Mix – RHM026
30drop: Untitled / Extracted From Liveset
X-102: Titan – TRESOR004
JK Flesh: Genetics – EDLX058LP
Grey People: Garbage Day – 99CTS_03

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