30drop debuts on Token Records

Release Date: 12/10/18.

30drop debuts on Token with ‘From Beyond The Unknown’ — a six-track journey that evokes an excommunicative sense of splendor from the outer reaches of worlds beyond.

Beginning with Surrender an immediacy pulsates from the outset and dances towards the playful exuberance of The Informant — calibrating the gears for what frequencies are to be heard in the interim. Space Beacons delights with elegant pads and wry rhythmic evocations, while Mathematical Language bursts with energies that have been long dormant since the days of Jeff Mills’ The Purpose Maker. In that same vein, Visitors From The Stars is an entropic message from above, seeking out a communicative line that’s emotive and conductive — leading towards the last track of this journey. Sagan’s Implication is an adroit homage to the legendary astrophysicist; leaning into melodics that are both marvelous and mysterious all at once — similar to finding the answers that lie above us. All in all, a journey that begins by looking past what’s diegetic and looking for answers past the narrative presented.



Selected Feedbacks:

Ben Klock: “Stylish mills-ish techno journey, support.”

Laurent Garnier: “Excellent, full support.”

Marcel Dettmann: “Thanks.”

Speedy J: “Thanks, will test.”

Chris Liebing: “Thanks!”

Terence Fixmer: Excellent, top release!”

Radio Slave: “Thanks for the promo, gonna check.”

DJ Bone: “Very nice release. Will be playing these out, thanks.”

Marcel Fengler: “Ace! Will play, thanks!”

Ben Sims: “Great stuff, B1 the winner for me, thanks.”

James Ruskin: Mathematical Language for me, thanks!”

Samuel Kerridge: “Will support.”

Inigo Kennedy: “Yes! A great story telling EP, love Mathematical Language! Welcome aboard!”

Dave Miller / Abstract Division: The Informant is cool, thanks!”

Paul Boex / Abstract Division: “Dope release, The Informant for me.”

Matrixxman: “Proper Mills shit, love it.”

Daniel Avery: “Ace.”

Border One: “Thanks! Playing all the tracks and pre-ordered the vinyl.”

Dax J: “Thanks!”

Developer: “Nice cutz.”

Pfirter: “Yes loving all tracks in here. Will play a lot, thanks!

Svreca : “Not my favourite Token approach to techno, but is a good Sci-fi techno 12”, thanks.”

Electric Indigo: “This makes me happy, fantastic record! Thanks for the music!”

Nihad Tule : “B1 is my first pick, good stuff!”

Etapp Kyle: “Thanks!”

Anastasia Kristensen: “I really dig The Informant, thanks.”

Marcelus: “Great release, really lovely cuts!”

Jonas Kopp: “Great one, thanks!”

Henning Baer: “Dope!”

Markus Suckut: “Need to check this out in a proper club.”

Exium: “Good stuff, thanks.”

Orde Meikle / Slam: “Thanks.”

Samuli Kemppi : “Good stuff! The Informant is my favorite, thank you.”

Juho Kusti: “Superb, thanks!”

Staffan Linzatti: “Really solid EP. All tracks are ace, thanks.”

Jeroen Search: “Such a cool release!”

Truncate: “Dope cuts!”

Eric Cloutier : “Duhh!!”

Jay Clarke : “Nice Millisian tracks. The Informant & Mathematical Language work for me, thanks.”

Wata Igarashi: “Very dope release, thank you.”

Sleeparchive: “Thank you, killer release!!

Anetha: “The Informant, thanks.”

Pacou / Tresor: “Solid works.”

Jeff Derringer: “Really nice!”

Arnaud Le Texier : “Thanks.”

Mind Against: “Thanks.”

Julia Govor: “Very tasteful EP. Mathematical Language is perfect for today!”

Paul Ritch: “Great spacy techno, thanks.”

Lewis Fautzi: “Thank you!”

Marcel Heese: “30drop on Token seems like a natural fit. This release is highly enjoyable, thanks!”

Adriana Lopez: “A1, A2, & B3 my favorites. Nice release, thanks!”

Kwartz: “Fantastic EP, love it! Must have it on vinyl, thanks!”

Takaaki Itoh: Mathematical Language is top for me, full support!”

Yotam Avni: “Lovely record!”

Fanon Flowers: “Really enjoying the knock-off Mills vibes.”

JP Enfant: “Nice mini album. Really well produced tracks, you can clearly hear where the inspiration is coming from.”

Thomas Hessler: “Nice one, thank you!”

Irakli | I/Y: “Nice one!”

Aiken : “B1 is a killer! Congrats for this EP 30drop!”

Volte-Face: “Nice and Millsian.”

Dimi Angelis: “I like this! Sci-Fi Millsian vibes, love it. The whole thing is super, but favs are A1, A2, A3 and B3.”

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