30drop ¡Album Debut! @ Detroit Underground

The label Detroit Underground is releasing the first 30drop’s Album:

Tools For The Dimensional Step LP

Release Date: 5th January 2015.

Album full description:

This album is the conclusion of a conducted research on theories stating that we are living in a holographic universe. The songs included are part of a whole that moves the listener towards the idea of understanding of music as a universal language that hides a dimensional leap leading to other universes.

Each beat is a part of a primary equation and each song a piece of a second-level puzzle. The complete set is the key that defines the geometry applied to music as the binary expression of geometric mathematics that shapes the vacuum in a space confined by the laws of physics. Taking Detroit Techno as the primary basis for 30drop; this LP intends to develop this type of sound where repetition generates undefined mental structures and pads are the large dimensional containers for vacuum and space.

A trip from Detroit’s minimalist, hard, and concise techno that cuts into predefined patterns and creates new boundaries to warm musical spaces in order to accommodate this new way of thinking; those are tools brought here from a future that’s already past to define a LP that’s a place halfway between Detroit and Berlin and has been influenced by masters like Mills, Dixon, Surgeon and German minimalism of the 90s


Listen to the audio in streaming:


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