Angel Molina: Live@PS14 DJ Mixtape - [30DMIX-005]

It is a great pleasure to welcome to our label to Angel Molina. For his first release we have a gemm for audiophiles and collectors:

During Primavera Sound 2014, Angel Molina was invited to participate in the Bowers & Wilkins + Boiler Room stage that closed Friday night session. In a space enabled by the prestigious brand of loudspeaker systems and with a sound system specially designed for the occasion, the set played by Molina, then streamed via Boiler Room, became that night a truly masterpiece beyond time and beyond what the figure of the DJ is supposed to be. In short, the set by Molina stood out from what a usual electronic session is to become a conceptual work in which both the DJ set and the Live set intermingled like never before. A unique performance at the level of authentic maestros.

The music chosen for this set by Molina responds to a constant research, experimentation and to a lot of ambition in order to transmit emotions through a true wall of sound of textures, drones and densities, in which it is practically impossible to recognize the original tracks. In this way, the work of mixing is so intense and so elaborate at the same time that the tracks are blend into an infinite mixture that stretches for an hour in an extraordinary sonic journey.

Today, 30drop Records is pleased to publish with a re-mastered sound this magnificent set in cassette format in a limited edition of 25 copies and available in streaming in this website and SoundCloud.

Release Date: 6 April 2017.




This Mix has been considered by Pitchfork Magazine as one of the best mixes of April 2017.


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