30D Records Statement about Planet Earth Environment

Human-generated global earth pollution is becoming beyond obvious. We all complain, but only a few do something about it.

Vinyl records are not something that people associate with this problem, but all stages of their creation bring a considerable degree of pollution. From manufacturing the raw material (a plastic called vinyl), to pressing the copies, not to mention the dyes used to print the sleeves or the transportation of all this material around the planet until a final copy arrives at your turntable.

At 30D we have decided, to contribute with what’s on our capacity: from 2020 we are going to manufacture less vinyl and starting to do some releases in digital format only.

Far from what one might think and from what has been a commercial strategy for some record labels; our digital-only releases are as important and with the same musical quality as those in other formats.
Our statement could be understood as a way to makeup our “digital only” releases. We doesn’t mind, our convictions are clear and our acts simple but effective. Less social media posing and more moving forward is one of our mottos.

We hope that our small contribution will be well received and that many others will join our initiative so together we can represent a small but substantial percentage towards change.


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