30D Records X Clone. Exclusive Worldwide Distribution Deal

Working independently as a record label means, as you may know, being an active part in the whole creative process, from the first early step till the final result, when the release is finally out. In this intense process, it is obvious that artists are key, as they produce the music, but the distribution is essential to reach those record stores around the globe with an audience that might enjoy 30D Records releases.

In this sense, we’re really excited to share with you that, from now on, Clone Distribution will take care of our past, present and forthcoming releases, becoming our exclusive distributor both online and offline. After seven years developing 30D Records, we feel we’ve found a second home for our releases, while they are on their way to yours.

Thanks for being part of this adventure!

If you have a record store, a distribution/wholesale operation, or a download platform you can contact them if you are interested in selling our music:

Website: www.clonedistribution.com
eMail: distribution@clone.nl

You can find our physical releases in stock of all our sub-labels in the following links:

30D 30drop

30D Close Encounters

30D ExoPlanets

30D Eyes Have It


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