Terrence Dixon: Digital Ladder EP + Dasha Rush & 30drop Remixes [30DEXO-005]

We are back to announce a new release to our ExoPlanets Series. Our “Detroit homie” Terrence Dixon bring us 2 originals tracks to which Dasha Rush and 30drop did their personal vision with great remixes.

Release Info:

The visionary from Detroit, Terrence Dixon, is back to 30D Records with an exquisite pack of vanguard tastefully built on Techno. This fifth chapter of the ExoPlanets series is powered with two original cuts and a pair of remixes.
The homonymous title track, “Digital Ladder”, sinks us to a hypnotic state conducted by a dreamy and evocative sequence. The big Dasha Rush takes over the message and reframes it getting percussive expressiveness and savoir faire on her remix.

B side starts with the second Dixon’s proposal, “This Is A Test”. Same artistic tools, different discourse, shape and result. On this track, experimentalism gets us higher with a fanciful cyclic pattern, garnished with sporadic ascensions, that streams on a subtile bassdrum. 30drop takes the relay to carry up the message to his own stylistic universe constructing a fine solid remix.

“Digital Ladder” is an abstract and immersive trip to some place beyond the consciousness that relies into the core of the vanguard dancefloor. You can’t miss it!


A1: Digital Ladder [Original Mix] – 5:46
A2: Digital Ladder [Dasha Rush Remix] – 6:17
B1: This Is A Test [Original Mix] – 4:36
B2: This Is A Test [30drop Remix] – 6:07

Extra Info:

Title:Digital Ladder EP
Cat. Number: 30DEXO-005
Artist: Terrence Dixon. Remixers: Dasha Rush, 30drop.
Release Date: 11th December 2017
Formats: Vinyl and Digital
Vinyl Distribution: Ready Made Distribution. www.readymadedistribution.com
Digital Distribution: Finetunes. htttp://solutions.finetunes.net



– Groove Magazine Premiere ‘Digital Ladder’ – Dasha Rush Remix: http://groove.de/2017/12/05/terrence-dixon-trackpremiere-von-digital-ladder-dasha-rush-remix/

– MixMax US Premiere ‘This Is A Test” (Original): https://youtu.be/hf_mKhdsBbM

– Red Bull Music Academy Premiere ‘Digital Ladder’ – Original Track: https://soundcloud.com/redbullmusicacademy/terrence-dixon-digital-ladder-first-floor-premiere

– ‘Digital Ladder’ is featured on Resident Advisor’s New Tracks: https://www.residentadvisor.net/tracks/887214

DJ’s Feedbacks:

DVS1: “Yes!!”

Marcel Dettmann: “Thanks.”

Kristian / Ame: “Thanks.”

Terence Fixmer: This Is A Test!! Bomb!!”

Developer: “Dopeness.”

Scuba: “Thanks.”

Jonas Kopp: This Is A Test.. Magic!”

Brendon Moeller/ Echologist: “Dasha Rush remix for me, thanks.”

Sigha: “Great stuff, many thanks.”

Svreca / Semantica: “Dasha Rush remix is simply outstanding. Also feeling the whole EP.”

Matrixxman: “Great Mills style techno.”

Marcelus: “Very nice one.”

Cio D´Or: “Wonderful!”

Kr!z: “Been playing, so good!”

Orde Meikle / Slam: “Great, thanks.”

Stuart McMillan / Slam: “Very nice, thanks.”

Staffan linzatti: “Really nice EP, thanks!”

Ben Gibson: “Amazing music.”

Dave Miller / Abstract Division: Digital Ladder and Dasha Rush remix for me.”

Ilario Alicante: “Great pack, will play.”

Jeroen Search: “Yes!”

Evigt Mörker: “Thanks!”

Electric Indigo: “Nice release, thank you! I like all tracks, but A side a bit better.”

Conrad Van Orton: “Music that leads to another place, thank you!”

Jay Clarke: “Always a good day when new Terrence Dixon drops. Digital Ladder works for me, thanks!”

Jeff Derringer: “Really nice record! Dasha remix for me.”

Blue Hour: “Nice well rounded EP with killer remixes.”

Tensal: “Buen material, thanks!!”

Samuli Kemppi: “Great release. Will play for sure, thank you.”

Dustin Zahn: “A2 and B1 are great! Looking forward to playing them out.”

Marco Bailey: “Many thanks!!”

Alexander Kowalski: “Nice EP with strong remixes. Dasha Rush for the win!”

Invite: “Dasha Rush remix.”

Monoloc: “Great, thanks!”

Reeko: “Digital Ladder for me, thanks!”

Bas Mooy: “Thanks.”

Simone Gatto: Digital Ladder (Original Mix) and This is a Test (30drop Remix) are my fav here. Thanks for sending!

Submerge: “Dasha Rush remix for me, thank you!”

P.E.A.R.L.: “Great EP, thanks!”

Arnaud Le Texier: “Great, thanks!”

Kwartz: “The whole EP is pure gold, thanks.”

Opuswerk: “Amazing EP. Terrence Dixon vibes all the way and somehow more so in the remixes, thank you!”

Donor: “Just great, love this whole package. Can’t wait to pick up the vinyl of this one.”

Jeff Rushin: “Thumps up!”

Aiken: “Will play this for sure.”

UBX127: “Great release!”

Regal: Digital Lader is the best for me, thanks.”

Robert Lamart: “Another great 30drop ExoPlanets release!! Full support, thanks!”

Dimi Angelis: Digital Ladder and Dasha’s remix are super nice. 30drop remix is cool as well.”

Angel Molina: “Always into Terrence Dixon stuff, love this! With no doubt This Is A Test (Original Mix) is my track on here, thanks.”

Ryuji Takeuchi: “Dasha Rush remix for me. Very nice and deep.”

Leghau: “Great release. B1 for me, thank you.”

Amotik: “Dasha Rush mix doing the business for me!”

Setaoc Mass: “Loving all the tracks, but Dasha’s remix is incredible!”

Volte-Face: “God!”

Takaaki Itoh: This Is A Test and Dasha remix are for me. Full support!”

Limo: “Awesome, thanks.”

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