Past Events
30D Records Night: 30drop + Angel Molina + Denise Rabe + Evod Barcelona Moog Club
Stephanie Sykes + Angel Molina + 30drop [Live] L'Hospitalet Bass Valley
-- 01 | FEB | 2022 - FORCED LOCKDOWN BECAUSE PANDEMIC Earth Worlwide
30D Records Night: 30drop [Live] + Kastil + Adriana López + Linn Elisabet Berlin Tresor Club
30DROP CURATED NIGHT AT BERGHAIN: 30drop [Live] + Angel Molina + Adriana López + Kastil + Geistform [Live] + MSDMNR + HD Substance + Norman Nodge + Don Williams Berlin Berghain Club
30D 5 Years: Dasha Rush + Angel Molina + 30drop [Live] Barcelona Razzmatazz
30D Records Night: 30drop [Live] + Angel Molina L'Hospitalet Asymmetrical
Arpanet Live + 30drop (Elektro - IDM set) + Univac (Live!) + Angel Molina Barcelona Razzmatazz
30drop meets DJ Surgeles + Secret Guest Barcelona LAUT Club
30drop meets DJ Surgeles Madrid Shine Club
30drop + Pete aka Substance + UnCUT (Live) + HD Substance Barcelona Razzmatazz
30drop + ORYX 9 + Dj Zero + The Entity Barcelona Moog Club
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