► General enquires:

contact@30drecords.com | Do you want to be in contact with 30D Records but don’t know exactly who contact? Write here please. We will be happy to answer. Write to this e-mail address for all the inquiries related to this website too including web shop issues.


► Label Managing & Distribution:

label@30drecords.com | Contact to this email for everything related with the label: Releases, Licensing, Sync, etc.

‘Clone Distribution’ are in charge of the worldwide distribution of our releases in both physical and digital formats. If you have a record store, a distribution/wholesale operation, or a download platform you can contact them if you are interested in selling our music:

Website: www.clonedistribution.com
eMail: distribution@clone.nl


► Press & COMMS:

press@30drecords.com | Write to this email address for everything about press and communications related to 30D Records.



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